Canvas Painting Class Dayton Mall

Join us at CozyMelts Dayton Mall for this fun painting class. Come and be amazed at what YOU can do! These paintings are all beginner level. We start with a blank canvas and walk you through layer by layer with full instruction. Our class includes helpful techniques and an explanation of each brush used. We start at 6:30 and wrap up by 9. Bring a friend or meet someone new at the class!

At these canvas paint classes, we’ll offer three different paintings to choose from, therefore giving more options! Each person will pick what they want to do by choosing their painting at registration. Pre-registration and payment required. See paintings for class selection.

We also offer our "Every Other Deal!" For every $30 painting class you do, you will receive a coupon to purchase your next painting at just $20. All $20 coupons must be used by original recipient. $30 classes may be booked online, and $20 coupon deals must be booked in person or by phone at CozyMelts.

Due to alcohol restrictions we do not permit alcohol but feel welcome to bring a snack and non alcoholic beverage.