House of DeFI

The House of (DE-FI)ance is home of the world's first comprehensive interdisciplinary Fashion Co-working space,  a business hub created by and for the fashion and design community.  Our vision is to create the leading and most effective business networking experience in the country for the fashion and design community.  From concept to retail and everything in between; our House was created to bring the entire fashion Industry under one roof  including the often understated role of design outside of worn garments. 


A subsidiary of the Dayton Emerging Fashion Incubator (DE-FI) LLC, our House revises and broadens the mission of our parent company by developing new and consistent programming that reflects the next level of growth and service needed for local and regional fashion, design, textile, retail, and creative communities.  This members only, semi-public collaborative space is for avid professionals and the occasional hobbyist has what you need to create.   A key part of our mission is to provide a consistent space for Business to Business, Business to Customer, and Customer to Business referrals and more to nourish relationships that form naturally. Our House helps to foster and create meaningful relationships among our members because member introductions and one on one meetings offer unique opportunities to share who we are and how we can benefit one another.   


Our House is designed to provide an open, honest and transparent look into the world of fashion in a combined 14,737 sqft space located inside of the Dayton Mall, 2700 Miamisburg-Centerville Rd in suite 360, 368, and 370. It is an educational, business, event, co-working and makers space that also consist of offices for you to rent, a photography and design space, a micro-manufacturing and production area, and serves as retail and business hub providing an environment for you to get serious about your craft, grow your skills, and build your team.